Spend the Holiday Around Hounds at This Free Event

Annenberg PetSpace will offer a few fun and info-cool happenings, made for families, on Presidents Day.

Annenberg PetSpace

What to Know

  • Monday, Feb. 17
  • Free
  • Dog-focused programming throughout the day (kids welcome, too)

Even if we live with a Lassie or Laddie, and know how they eat, play, snooze, and engage with the world on a minute-to-minute basis, our knowledge can always be honed in the arena of our hounds.

Helping us do just that? It's Annenberg PetSpace in Playa Vista, a tail-wagging wonderland of seminars, family events, and pet adoption days, too.

And to help Southern Californians connect with their canines, there is the center's Presidents Day 2020 programming.

It's free, and arf-arfing throughout most of the holiday, starting at 11 in the morning.

Some houndly highlights?

A Groom Room demonstration kicks it all off, if you'd like to see how pups undergo a trim and fluff, while PetFit demonstrations round out the day at 3:15.


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There are four Pet Encounters on the schedule, starting at 12:15, and Behavior Techniques near the end of the day's fun.

And if your little one would like to take part in the Paws & Pages? That can happen, but note there is an additional fee.

If you haven't yet called upon this vibrant pup hub, which helps to strengthen the ties between people and pooches in a host of ways, a free Presidents Day outing might be just the ball you've been looking to chase.

Or, er, rope you've been looking to pull? Chewy you've been looking to gnaw?

Dog people, you get us. Now get to Playa Vista for a day and ways to know your woofer better.

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