Palos Verdes Peninsula

Spiders to Spin (for the First Time) at South Coast Botanic Garden

The Palos Verdes Peninsula destination is ready to throw the web wide on its first-ever Spider Pavilion.

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What to Know

  • Palos Verdes Peninsula
  • Oct. 1 through Nov. 30, 2022
  • $22 (entry to both the garden and Spider Pavilion); other ticketing tiers are available

Spiders and leafy places are a very, very, very old twosome. So old, in fact, that we're very sure there aren't enough "verys" in the world to define their lasting relationship.

Saying that this particular pairing has wonderfully weathered an uncountable number of decades is likely not going quite far enough, in short.

There just isn't a way to be too hyperbolic about the fact that arachnids are living their best insect-catching lives when they can create their wondrous webs up among a tree's branches, inside shrubs, and basically any place that permits a couple of silken threads to hold firm.

So, true story: Spiders have existed at South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes Peninsula, just as they've set up camp basically everywhere else that leafy things grow in profusion.

But there is a "first-ever" moment, straight from the spider realm soon to happen at the 87-acre garden, an enchanting idyll that's known for its majestic Moreton Bay Fig trees, "GLOW"-ful holiday events, and so many exquisite flowers: The garden is throwing the web wide on a brand-new seasonal Spider Pavilion.

This orb-laden area will enchant visitors for two autumn-atmospheric months, beginning on Oct. 1.

As for the not-so-eeky residents you can admire from a fairly up-close spot?

Spiny orb-weavers, yellow garden spiders, and golden silk orb-weavers will all be doing their frankly amazing thing.

The fresh and fascinating debut is part of the garden's "All Things Wicked & Wonderful" happenings, which will include the spidery sights, "Diabolical and Misunderstood Plantings in the Garden Graveyard," the sweet search for the garden's witch (be sure to ask for a map), and a pup-themed costume contest on the day before Halloween.

Oh yes: And a potions class themed to cocktails will bubble and froth not once but twice during the tantalizing tenth month.

Some happenings, like Spider Pavilion, will require a separate ticket, do keep in mind.

The pavilion will offer a few special events, like tarantula meet-and-greets, so do review the entire calendar before spinning your own web around a ticket.

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