Spidey Senses Sharp, SoCal: LA Comic Con Is Here

Cosplay away, fans o' pop culture, at this Gotham-huge happening in DTLA.

What to Know

  • Oct. 26-28
  • Los Angeles Convention Center
  • $25 Friday pass; $35 Saturday pass; $30 Sunday pass

We don't even have to ask you whether or not your Spidey senses grow keener when the Green Goblin is in your neighborhood, or Molten Man has oozed into your zip code, or if Mindworm has slithered into your general vicinity.


We know that your talent for staying tapped into the world around you is amazingly acute.

Or do we mean Amazingly, since we are talking Spider-Man here? Yes. We mean that.

Which means you're probably already hopping from building-to-building, courtesy of your wrist webs, on your way to the Los Angeles Convention Center.

That's where LA Comic Con is setting up shop over the final weekend in October, and that's where bevies of decked-out, suited-up cosplayers will be out in fantastical force. 

Some in their Spidey finery, yes, but count on seeing loads of tributes to other superheroes, supervillains, anime icons, and dashing adventurers from both the small and silver screens.

The dates are Friday, Oct. 26 through Sunday, Oct. 28, and while there are various ticket options to ponder, ponder this: A Friday pass is $25, a Saturday pass is $35, and thirty bucks gains you entry on Sunday.

What will you find there, once your webs swing you to DTLA?

More merch than you can stuff into The Goblin's Lair, more artists and writers than you can find at The Daily Planet, and so many activities and events, you'd think you were visiting Gotham during its busiest time of year.

Panels include "How to Think Like a Cartoon Character," "Kickstarting Your Comic," "Superman's 80th Anniversary," and "Wonder Women Filmmakers: Insight from Women in the World of Filmmaking." 

Indoor Trick-or-Treat, a Kid's Halloween Costume Contest, and Le Geek So Chic Fashion Show are all on the packed-to-the-rafters schedule, too.

Or do we mean packed-to-the-sunstone, the famous material that fills the Fortress of Solitude?

It just felt weird to wrap this up without one more Superman shout-out, seeing as how Spidey got some much-deserved love.

Get your ticket info, your panel times, and all of the extra info your Spidey senses require, right here, superheroes of Southern California.

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