Spiked Lemonade Tasting in Culver City

The Third Wednesday event takes on a tart flavor.

Summertime arrives with a number of marquee events, from the big Fourth of July fireworks shows to concert festivals that last an entire weekend, plus a day.

Bringing up the quieter end of the season's convivial doing is the Third Wednesday concept. It's been embraced by many towns, and interpreted in several ways, but it comes down to this: On the third Wednesday evening of a warm-weather month, something special will happen, like a dance or a wine walk or free movie screening.

For Downtown Culver City, that "something special" will take on a few different prisms over the summer of 2016. And on Wednesday, June 15 the Third Wednesday's vibe will be very, very tart, indeed.

The theme is Spiked Lemonade Tasting, and a number of spots around the downtown hub will offer citrusy samples that arrive with a little adults-only vim 'n vigor.

If you're not into that particular vim 'n vigor — if you prefer your lemonade to arrive sans alcohol — there shall be samples for you, too.

There's a Third Wednesday Passport to pick up at a participating business, and, once it is filled it out, you may turn it in at the Kirk Douglas Theatre for a chance to enter a raffle.

It's an evening thing, with a 5 p.m. start time and an ender around 9, but if you can't make it there are a couple of more flavorful Third Wednesdays to come around Downtown Culver City: A Summer Tini happening on July 20, and a Spiked Punch stroll-around on Aug. 17.

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Admission to one and all? Free, free, and free.

And it is 100% true that the Third Wednesday concept frequently stretches throughout the year, especially in places with milder temperatures. It's nice, overall, if you think of the Third Wednesday in the way that people anticipate Friday each week.

Something nice is going to happen on that night, a night that returns every 30 or so days. Third Wednesday really is to a month but Friday is to a week.

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