Spinach Is in Every Scoop of This Salt & Straw Ice Cream

The artisanal ice cream company's Spinach Cake w/ Chocolate Tahini Fudge is on its new "Veggies You Crave" line-up.

Norbert Kamil Kowaczek / EyeEm / Salt & Straw

What to Know

  • The "Veggies You Crave" limited-time ice cream series
  • Salt & Straw scoop shops (Anaheim, Studio City, West Hollywood, and other SoCal cities)
  • The Spinach Cake w/ Chocolate Tahini Fudge is one of five fanciful flavors on the vegetable-inspired ice cream line-up

"I yam what I yam," you might proudly say in a plucky, Popeye-style manner, but if you are the sort of person who likes both spinach and something sweet?

You may have some difficulties in finding a classic confection that finds its offbeat inspiration from the produce aisle.

For while bags of chopped frozen spinach may sit alongside pints of ice cream inside our freezer, it would be quite unusual to find these freezer buddies in some sort of a merry mash-up, a lickable, scoopable, and memorable dessert that incorporated the iron-rich green.

Salt & Straw, the artisanal ice cream maker that regularly thinks outside the box — or in this case, the freezer case — has made a goodie that will likely appeal to both lovers of the leafy salad favorite and those treats that frequently top cones.

It's Spinach Cake w/ Chocolate Tahini Fudge, one of five flavors on the "Veggies You Crave" limited-time ice cream series, now available at your local Salt & Straw shop, and through the company's online shop, too.

The other late-summer sweets, which, yes, are veggie-vivacious in a host of different and delightful ways?

Charred Corn Curd, Cotija & Tajin is a piquant pick, Green Fennel & Maple brings the zing, Red Chili Curry & Makrut Lime Crispy Rice is the vegan offering, and Carrot Cake Batter w/ Pralined Hazelnuts spotlights the remarkable root vegetable.

It's an ideal roster for August, when so many vegetable patches and tempting crops are at their pick-me peaks, and dinner plates are full of fabulous garden-grown flavors.

Weaving a few of those flavors into ice cream seems like an inspired way to salute the bounty of the eighth month, when rows of spring-planted goodies are now coming up spinach, and carrots, and fennel, but we're still seeking cool treats to beat the heat.

Where to find your local Salt & Straw?

The shops dot Southern California, with ice-creamy outposts on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, in Pasadena, and at Downtown Disney District, too.

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