‘Spinal Tap' Screening + Wiltern Backstage

Have a look around the typically off-limits area, then watch the rockin' cinema classic.

Many a showbiz-themed movie has revealed to we audience members how life unfolds backstage, beyond the footlights, including works like "Birdman," "All About Eve," and "Singin' in the Rain."

Various themes surround backstage life — the nerves, the jitters, the excitement, the rush — but few films can compare with "This Is Spinal Tap," at least when it comes to showing performers experiencing their most hopeful moments and their greatest despairs.

If you've longed to pair a little backstage peek with a screening of the rocking, tight-pants'd, turn-it-up-to-11 film, you're in luck: The Wiltern will put the 1984 comedy on the big screen on Tuesday, Aug. 22 after a backstage tour of the 1931 Wilshire Boulevard landmark.

Nope, The Wiltern wasn't in "This Is Spinal Tap," but, by golly, it sure is a cousin to what is seen on screen, in vibe and look. 

The peek-behind-it-all tour happens before the 8 o'clock screening. It's a part of the $30 VIP BACKSTAGE ROCKIN' TOUR, which also includes seating in the general admission reserved seating area and a Champagne toast.

If you fear you might get a little lost backstage, like the boys in Spinal Tap famously did, you can skip that part and just secure a general admission ticket for $15 plus fees. You'll want to arrive early, do note, since seats are not reserved for the general admission level.

Will you show in your best David St. Hubbins-style coiffure? Or a sleeveless t-shirt, the kind favored by Nigel Tufnel?

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It's a film merrily made for fan dress-up opportunities.

And if a few fans get to venture backstage at a historic theater, much in the way that the members of Spinal Tap do throughout the film in other venues not dissimilar to The Wiltern, that truly is cranking the dial on the amp to the very top number it can hit.

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