SpongeBob Fans, Ahoy: Virtual Science Fun Is Now Surfacing

Feeling Krabby? The Exposition Park institution has a number of online events celebrating the snappy series and the animals that inspired it.


What to Know

  • Nickelodeon has partnered with the museum on the virtual experience
  • Several Zoom happenings are ahead, including a chance to "Get to Know Gary the Snail" on June 10
  • Virtual programming is free; register ahead of time and join the conversation or view later on Youtube

Spending a relaxing, daydream-filled afternoon at the beach?

You may have pondered a few fanciful things. Like, how long does it take to swim across the ocean, twice? How many seahorses call the Pacific home? Do sharks dream? And does Bikini Bottom, the celebrated home of SpongeBob Squarepants, really exist?

We can't answer the seahorse question, and we'll leave dreaming sharks to the more poetically minded aquatic philosophers. But Bikini Bottom is best found on Nickelodeon, the longtime television home of the sassy sponge and his coterie of colorful pals.

There is another place, though, where the right-angle'd icon is currently holding quirky court: The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

In honor of World Ocean Day, which is June 8, and all of the other ocean-awesome days, too, the Exposition Park-based museum is spotlighting the "Science of Spongebob."

You can enjoy these informative programs via Zoom, for free. Oh aye-aye, captain: Nickelodeon is the museum's partner on this SpongeBobian science series.

Exploring the museum's vast marine collections, and getting to know the critters that inspired the Mr. Krabs, Patrick, and Gary the Sea Snail, too, is also part of the glug-glug good time.

Speaking of Gary, there's a whole Zoom devoted to him, and his sea snail-y universe, on Thursday, June 10.

The virtual programs are surfacing every Tuesday and Thursday, with Natural History Museum educators and experts at the helm.

Projects like creating your own ocean costume or ocean journal are also part of the SpongeBob-sweet celebration.

Learn the themes of the online presentations, what you can expect, and how to register here.

And is it okay for kids? Has Mr. Krabs expected the art of the perfect Krabby Patty? (That would be huge yes and a big aye-aye.)

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