Spooky DIY Rules the Hammer Museum's Free Family Day

Two make-from-home projects are on the spirited schedule, which caters to crafty kids and their parents.

Hammer Museum

What to Know

  • Saturday, Oct. 31
  • "You, Inside Out" and "Monsters Masquerade Ball" are the two projects
  • You'll need the art supplies ahead of time, but the Hammer Museum has partnered with a few local organizations to help families enjoy those materials for free

The day of Halloween has, for many Southern Californians, looked a little freer, time-wise, than in years gone by.

Parties and trick-or-treat prep won't be filling up the sunshiny span before dark, in short, due to pandemic considerations. But what may tempt at-home revelers is a slate of screen-based bashes and classes, all geared to Halloween and keeping spirits high.

The Hammer Museum will be doing just that on Saturday, Oct. 31 with not one but two DIY classes helmed by two Made in L.A. artists.

Both sessions are part of the Westwood institution's annual "Family Day," a virtual happening in 2020.

Artist Anne Greene Kelly will be helming the project called "You, Inside Out." "What is inside your body? Bones, muscles, and a brain, of course, but also giggles and screams and other fun things! Use your drawing skills to create a work of art that brings all of your insides out," is the creative call to action.

While the class itself is free, you'll need supplies like kraft paper, markers, and more.

As for the intriguingly named "Monsters Masquerade Ball"? Artist Umar Rashid will be at the Halloween-fun helm. Modeling clay will be the main material for this one, giving kids the chance to fashion all sorts of frightful characters.

You can find more information on both presentations on the Hammer Museum's blog.

And something extra-amazing from the museum, which does so much to help young people across our region connect with their creative talents and imaginations?

The museum revealed that it is "... excited to partner with Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), the Veteran Family Wellness Center, A Place Called Home, Safe Place for Youth (SPY), and 18th Street Arts Center who will be distributing free art supplies to the families they work with in communities around LA."

For more information, visit the Family Day page on the Hammer Museum's site now. The museum remains temporarily closed, but its virtual offerings are plentiful: Check them out now.

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