Spring Break Staycation: Wine, Pools, Skiing

SoCalers way beyond their school days can find ways to enjoy a slice of the season.

Spring break can take on a mythic quality, one that has the fragrance of suntan lotion, the call of the open road, and the feel of sand beneath one's feet.

But it traditionally is a concept reserved for students, specifically those scholars currently in college. It's a rather lovely idea — taking a moment, as the weather is brightening, to cut loose and live it up — and all grown-ups can seize it, even if they must return to their workaday lives an hour or two later.

Where can SoCalers go for that spirit of spring-break-dom, without actually booking a flight? A few spots are honoring the idea of the Marchtime merriment. Give your swimsuit a nod, the one hanging near the back of the closet, and head out for ...

Esters Wine Shop & Bar: The Santa Monica spot for sipping-and-learning — and, yes, buying — has built a reputation for its Sunday afternoon tastings. The tasting on Sunday, March 13 is called "Spring Break Wines," so plan on vinos that have been lovingly selected for your spring-break-y needs (even, as the shop says, if that means a "House of Cards" season four binge-a-thon).

Big Bear: The still-snowy destination is offering a few spring break suggestions, from those special Lift & Lodging deals that started in February to activity packages like zip-lining and mining adventures. You could do a few runs, and a zipline, and still be back at your desk by Monday, with tales to tell of your spring break-y sojourn up the mountain.

Indian Wells: No matter how long you've been out of school, the notion of spring break very often equals swimming or time by the pool The Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa wants wannabe spring-breakers to get their pool lounger time in via a "Helloooo Spring"-themed package. It's got a family vibe, so round up the young-uns. Oh, and comp sunglasses for everyone, which feels pretty darn vacation-esque.

Knott's Berry Farm: Theme parks and spring break are a longtime twosome, as are food events full of delish things we don't normally eat most of the time. Thus the Buena Park destination's annual Boysenberry Festival is very well-time to spring break fun, lasting, as it does, from March 19 through April 3. Want to eat some savory stuff enhanced by boysenberry deliciousness? Spend a day noshing through 70 kinds of boysenberry-good bites.

Annenberg Community Beach House: Nope, this one isn't billed as a spring break kind of thing to do, but it is, in athletic, ocean-close awesomeness, as spring-break-y as can be. The Santa Monica landmark is offering adult volleyball classes on particular spring evenings, so if getting out and spiking a ball, steps from the surf, feels like it would put you in the spring-break-ian state of mind, do it. Prices, details, and such are this way, spring breakers.

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