Spring for CPK's Seasonal-Savory Meal Kits

Spring is the theme at the CPK Market, where make-at-home kits are assembled and ready to go.


What to Know

  • CPK Market at your local California Pizza Kitchen
  • Order online or pick-up at the restaurant
  • Spring Meal Kits, Taco Kits, Lettuce Wrap Kits, and more

Naming noshables that have strong seasonal vibes?

It's pretty easy when it comes to fall foods (just think of savories that boast a sprinkling of cinnamon, or those eats associated with the Thanksgiving table), and winter foods, with their holiday-themed vibes, are a snap to call out, too.

Spring, though?

We may not alight right away on a particular dish, but we will claim that springful foods are fresh and sprightly-of-flavor, with vegetables playing a bright role, in addition to the all-important proteins.

So now that the enjoy-at-home meal kits of the CPK Market have taken on a spring theme, what might we find?

A trio of centerpieces to choose from, including Pan-Roasted Chicken, Roasted Salmon, or Grilled Ribeye (meats and fish are not cooked, do note, so your proteins will arrive raw and ready for the oven or stove).

Sides like spinach artichoke dip. And a butter cake, complete with Häagen Daz (vanilla, which feels like a spring-ready choice).

If you're not feeling as springful in your cravings as, say, tacoful, be cheered: The CPK Market still has its tempting Taco Kit, as well as a Lettuce Wrap Kit, too.

And in the build-your-own pizza department? There is a kit for that, too, tailored to pizza-obsessed kids.

Find prices, choices, and other delicious details surrounding the Spring Meal Kit now.

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