Spring for This All-Asparagus Evening

The celebrated spear will appear in an inventive array of tasting menu dishes, including dessert, at République.

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If there was a cuisine-based category called "Things We Like to Eat With Our Fingers, Straight from the Baking Sheet or Dish," we're fairly sure that both chocolate chip cookies and French fries, toasty from the oven, would rank near the top of the luscious list.

But let's be real: There isn't a home cook in existence who isn't going to treat themselves to a purloined asparagus spear, especially a spear that is warm and a bit oily or vinegary and slightly caramelized, too.

Asparagus aficionados are forever seeking out fresh ways to enjoy this gobble-able green dream, a snacky side that fully embodies the spirit of springtime thanks to its verdant flavor, sprightly snap, and ability to wear a generous spritz of lemon well.

If this is you, and you're an avowed asparagusian, through and through, look to République Restaurant, where a full-on, spear-centered tasting menu dinner is on the springful schedule.

The date? It's Thursday, April 28, and the full tasting menu is live on the La Brea Avenue eatery's Instagram.

Smoked Asparagus Panna Cotta, made with Kaluga caviar, Santa Barbara uni, and dashi is one tempting choice, while White Asparagus Soup, Wild Columbia River King Salmon, and Liberty Farms Sonoma Duck are a few of the elegantly imagined entries.

And dessert? Oh yes, asparagus is a surprising star there, too (though we shouldn't be surprised by asparagus's ability to surprise). White Asparagus Ice Cream complements the Brown Butter Cake, while Harry's Berries add fruity zing.

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"Chef @wmanzke will be preparing courses with prized white asparagus from Europe, along with tender green asparagus from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta," reveals the restaurant on its Instagram post.

The prix fixe tasting menu is $160 per person, while a wine pairing (which is optional) is $95 per person.

Reserving? You'll definitely want to do so, to make sure you have a place at a festivity honoring a savory (and sometimes sweet) spear that's without peer.

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