‘Springtime on the Farm' Opens in Moorpark

Egg-cellent activities and adorable animal moments are now flowering at Underwood Family Farms.

Underwood Family Farms

What to Know

  • Underwood Family Farms
  • April 2 through 24, 2022
  • $10 weekday (purchase at gate), $14 weekend (must purchase in advance, only); Friday, April 15 is also advance tickets only

We often talk about something getting our goat, or how our goat may have been gotten by someone, but rarely do we speak of goats getting us.

And if you've ever called upon a farm, the sort of open-to-the-public destination that features all sorts of fuzzy and frizzy baby animals when spring begins, you know that a goat can get you.

Lock eyes with a particularly regal ruminant and the animal can instantly capture your heart and every single "aww" you have to give.

Because connecting with young critters at the start of April? It can make for some emotional and uplifting moments, something the team at Underwood Family Farms has understood for decades.

And goats shall get us, from little kids to the stately beasties that strut along the planks placed around Underwood's beloved Animal Center, during Springtime on the Farm.

The special happening, which is themed to Easter, family activities, fun photo spots, and the gentle joys of the season, opens for a three-week run on April 2, 2022.

Like the Moorpark destination's outsized autumn extravaganza, Springtime on the Farm features several things to see and do, and pretty places to roam, too. A Trike Trail, Hay Pyramids, the Giant Easter Egg Basket, and other attractions can be found around the multi-acre property.

The Pick-Your-Own fields are also a major draw for visitors, but do note that you'll pay an additional fee to enjoy choosing your own veggies and fruits.

The Animal Center is a nexus at the nostalgia-centered space, both for its wholesome charms and the education it offers.

"Aww"-ducation may be more apt in April, for the Underwood Family Farms social feeds have been filled with tiny tykes, those just-arrived-on-earth animals that are just getting the hang of standing, eating, bleating, mooing, baaing, and interacting with their pen pals.

Of course, these little ones need no practice in the art of stealing hearts: These goats get us, as do the chicks, lambs, horses, and farm cats, too.

Weekends do get busy during this event, and an advance ticket is required for Saturdays and Sundays (as well as Friday, April 15).

You'll want to caper, like a goat jumping from one hay bale to another, over to the Underwood site, to learn all you need to know before attending this airy joy-bringer of a bash.

Or do we mean "hairy," given the many critters that guests will coo over while visiting Underwood?

Let your goat be gloriously gotten, while also making time to appreciate all of the mane-rocking, wool-covered, feather-fabulous superstars that call the Underwood Family Farms Animal Center home.

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