Springtime Ren Faire: Holidazzle Sale

Act now for your fair-weather trip into the distant past.

Renaissance-themed everything, as a rule, is often connected to the flowering and fruit-tastic nature of the spring.

After all, rebirth, and the tenets of the season of awakening are in the very word "renaissance," and the poetry and imagery is woven through with daises and new leaves and young love and the sun shining upon steeds.

But the yule log and castle fireplaces and warming ciders also play a role in Renassance fairs and fun. And Southern California's annual medieval extravaganza does in fact, traditionally, stoke those yuletide fires in hopes that fans will get excited, and well-ticketed, for the springtime doings.

In short? The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, the multi-weekend, April-and-May merriment that unfurls, like so many colorful banners, at Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area each year, offers a holidaytime ticket sale. It's called the Holidazzle Ticket Sale, which presents the chance to snag the "lowest-priced online ticket," one that's "valid any regular operating day in 2016!"

That's something to huzzah over, though huzzah not for long: The sale wraps on the Sunday after New Year's Day.

Before Jan. 3 arrives, though, slip into your clankiest jousting outfit and spend some time scrolling through the many offerings this mega-spectacular offers up: Tea with the Queen, themed weekends, artisans galore, jesters, jousting, and the chance to rock a hoop-skirted costume with dash and sass, if that's your leather-tooled, embroidered bag (and for so many delightful cosplayers, it so is).

Opening day? Saturday, April 2, 2016. The final wrap-up? The middle of May, on the 15th.

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The chance to indulge in all of the sprouting buds and sunbeams and fragrant breezes that are a part of the Renaissance pop culture? It's big 'round Irwindale in the spring, but that doesn't mean you can't get the party started, or at least a ticket purchased, while the yule log still smolders.

The Holidazzle Ticket Sale is on a fast trot through the holiday season, so perchance you hope to buy one, do it now and not anon.

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