Sprinkles Cupcake ATMS: Hidden Gift Cards

The frosting-yum outfit has tucked several $250 gift cards inside its treat-producing machines. Will you be a lucky finder?

Lovers of desserts and drinks have come to expect, on very special occasions, that something rather surprising, and delightful, may be hidden in or near what the treat they're about to consume.

That hidden object may be a plastic, oh-so-sought-after King Cake baby, or the lucky bean deep inside a tasty galette, or even an engagement ring sitting at the bottom of a flute of finest bubbly. 

Or it could be a gift card, worth $250, that pops up alongside your Red Velvet or Dark Chocolate cupcake, the one you ordered up at a Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM.

That's right, this is the famous, cupcake-dispensing machine that automatically, and gently, deposits gooey-topped cupcakes in your hands, instead of cash, the common task traditionally performed by the automatic teller machines found at banks.

And it is currently the big 5th birthday for the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. To honor the mouthwatering moment, hidden gift cards will show up, throughout March, at various Sprinkles locations.

That means that in addition to the cupcake you purchased at the ATM, you could randomly find that sweet $250 gift card in your cupcake's box, whether you're in Beverly Hills, or at The Grove, or standing before the Cupcake ATM at the University of Southern California.

Luck, timing, location... They'll all play a part in this nearly month-long, yay-for-customers party.

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But, hey now. If you don't find a $250 Sprinkles gift card in your cupcake box, be not blue. You'll still have a cupcake to munch on, then and there, so that's nothing to sniff at, right?

A cupcake you purchased at an ATM, which is an offbeat act that's so whimsical, and unlikely, even five years on, that it counts as something a tad magical in our workaday worlds.

Sprinkles, of course, put the icing on its own 5th anniversary, as a company, back in 2010.

The started-in-Beverly-Hills cupcake-a-torium broke out the first Red Velvets back in 2005, and instantly became one of the forerunners in the still-sizzling cupcakes-any-time movement.

The ATMs have added to that lore. And now a handful of $250 gift cards will further the legend, for a few fortuitous frosting lovers out there.

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