Sprinkles Cupcakes Yummily Embraces the Sweet Season

The confection-minded company's Holiday Boutique has a host of festive flavors, including Chocolate Peppermint and Christmas Cookie.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

What to Know

  • Several flavors, including Santa Baby Red Velvet, are baking through Dec. 26
  • The SoCal-started company can deliver locally or ship nationwide
  • Other seasonal cupcakes include Gingerbread, Chocolate Peppermint,

Many people create all sorts of special spaces when the holidays arrive.

We make room for the display of wooden woodland animals that belonged to a beloved aunt, and the rocking horse our granddad carved. There's a cozy corner for our favorite winter blanket, and the sparkly spot on the porch where we hang the family wreath.

As for the treat shelf, the one that isn't too far from all of the festive action?

That, too, is a tradition in many households come December. It's where you put the brownies you baked, the tempting candies from the store down the street, the beautiful bonbons from your friend, the box of peppermints you received from a co-worker.

But does your seasonal shelf boast any colorful and Christmassy cupcakes?

If that's one of the sweets it is currently lacking, Sprinkles Cupcakes can ho-ho-help, thanks to its Holiday Boutique, which has more cupcakes than a tree branch has ornaments.

Well, maybe that's a flight of fancy on our part, but there's no denying the fancy offerings found on the Sprinkles site. These goodies, like other Sprinkles treats, can be bought at local shops, delivered locally, or shipped nationwide.

The appetizing array includes a Gingerbread, of course, and a Chocolate Peppermint, you bet, and a Red Velvet, which is one of the signature confections of the started-in-Southern-California company.

But this Red Velvet comes with a seasonally stylish name: It's the Santa Baby Red Velvet, and it boasts an assortment of cheery green and red sprinkles.

A Christmas Cookie cupcake, which is a "... vanilla cake filled with red and green sprinkles, topped with vanilla buttercream frosting with red and green sprinkles and a homemade sugar cookie coated in sprinkles," is also one of the tempting choices.

Looking for a Holiday Assorted Dozen for your not-so-nearest but oh-so-dearest? Those bountiful boxes, which include a quartet of Vanille cupcakes, four Santa Baby Red Velvets, and four Chocolate Peppermints, are shipping through Dec. 30.

A Blue Seasonal Box is available through Dec. 26, and the theme? Dessert just got extra-adorable: "Snow Cute" Vanilla cupcakes will add a frost-meets-frosting look to your treat shelf.

Cheery cakes and cookies are also available through the Holiday Boutique, as well as a decorate-your-own box, which boasts unfrosted cupcakes and what you'll need to give them frosting-topped flair.

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