Sprinkles Has a Bubbly Cupcake to Welcome 2019

Prefer your final indulgences of the year to have some pizzazz? Pop, pop, pop.

What to Know

  • Sprinkles Cupcakes locations
  • Through Jan. 1, 2019
  • $4.25

The foods we eat as one year exits and one year sails in are so deeply steeped in myth, lore, hope, and good feeling that it is difficult to not want to make a wish with every bite taken come the end of December.

Pair this with the fact that many of us are still seeking out special confections during the holidays, the kind of treats that fit the festive feel in the air.

So how many bites will you take, and how many wishes will you make, while biting into a Champagne cupcake from Sprinkles on New Year's Eve?

A cupcake that not only boasts a bubbly character — quite literally, thanks to its headlining ingredient — but offers something unusual inside the sweet, too.

And that filling? Oh yeah, it's Pop Rocks, as in Pop Rocks, as in the pebbly-style candy that pop, pop, pops once it finds its way to the surface of your tongue.

As in those Pop Rocks. 

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On the top of the golden-hued treat? Buttercream frosting, which, yes, rocks the as-promised Champagne element.

These goodies can be ordered, from Dec. 27 right through to New Year's Day, or found at a Sprinkles Cupcake shop for $4.25 each, plus tax.

Will 2019 have some fizz to it? Some panache? A lot of pop, as in opportunities opening up, much like a bottle of bubbly?

Better bite into your special Sprinkles New Year's cupcake, the one with Champagne and Pop Rocks, and make a wish, or five, or six, as you do so.

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