Father's Day

Sprinkles Has Beer Cupcakes for Father's Day

The LA-started sweet-maker created a cupcake-y collaboration with Shiner, the Texas-based brewhouse

Sprinkles Cupcakes

What to Know

  • The Shiner Dive Bar Cupcake Six-Pack
  • $30 (price may vary, depending upon location)
  • Pre-order pick-up or delivery is available June 19-21 (Father's Day is June 21)

Father's Day is on the way, and as you decide what you'd like to see Dad open, whether you're together in person, on Zoom, on an old-school, round-up-the-family phone call, or physically distancing at an airy park picnic, there is the matter of food to ponder first and foremost.

We're not saying that the book you chose, or the necktie, or the funny socks won't hit your pop right in his heart, for surely he adores everything you do for him. But putting together a few noshables to celebrate the holiday is also a key component.

Sprinkles Cupcakes is right there with you on this one, and to help the holiday get even sweeter, the founded-in-SoCal cupcakerie has entered into a collaboration with a famous beer company.

That would be Shiner, the iconic Texas brew-maker. And the result? The Shiner Dive Bar Cupcake Six-Pack which runs around thirty bucks (depending upon which Sprinkles you visit).

This is an order-ahead sort of treat, so don't wait for the night before.

As for the flavor, vibe, and character of the quirky cupcakes?

Check it out: "Infused with Shiner Bock beer and a sweet & salty twist, each Shiner Dive Bar cupcake is made with a potato chip and chocolate chip batter, a flaky layer of pretzel crust, Shiner Bock infused dark chocolate frosting, and finished with Dad’s favorite snacks; a chocolate covered pretzel and a chocolate dipped potato chip."

If you go the pre-order route, the delivery or pick-up window opens on June 19, and, yes, runs right through to Father's Day, which is June 21.

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