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Spuds to Cobs: OC Fair's Flavorful Final Week Is Now Grilling

Taste of the OC Fair will also have one more tasty outing before the Costa Mesa event concludes.

OC Fair

What to Know

  • Through Aug. 15, 2021
  • Advance entry tickets to the Costa Mesa event are required
  • The final $3 Taste of the Fair will take place on Thursday, Aug. 12

Facing the final week of a beloved county fair?

Your foodie instincts can truly go into appetizing overdrive, for you know it'll be another 11 months before you'll be back at the famous eat-everything affair, trying out the fried treats, the dippable delights, and all the goodies that fall somewhere in the mouthwatering middle.

But what if you are seeking those snacks that fall very much in the vegetarian column? Can you still find all of the food-based joy you desire while calling upon a county fair?

If you're at the OC Fair, the answer is affirmative.

But best make your way to Costa Mesa soon, if you're hoping to nosh upon the many veggie-strong, fruit-forward foodstuffs that the 2021 purveyors are offering.

Australian Battered Potatoes are one filling choice at this summer's celebration, and you can savor your spuds neat or with an array of toppings (baked potatoes are available, too).

The mighty tater is a titan of any county fair, and there are other spots serving it, in several different noshable ways, from Fresh Frys (which also is making a giant blooming onion) to The Tater Bar.

Baked potatoes can even be found at Bob's Corn, though, of course, you may want to stock up on kernels and cobs while there. Corn is standard fair fare, and enjoying it plain, with butter, sprinkled in parmesan, or with a hit of hot sauce are some of the more popular options.

An important message from the team behind the fair?

"Although ingredients may be vegetarian or vegan, food may be prepared on surfaces where non-vegetarian items are cooked. Customers should inquire at food stands if they have dietary restrictions or concerns," is the word.

And here's something to consider: There's one more $3 Taste of the Fair to go, on Thursday, Aug. 12.

That's the day when you'll find great dining deals aplenty, with "fun and sample-size treats" giving guests a chance to try lots of different tastes.

Important to know?

Advance tickets are a must in 2021, and full days have been selling out in advance. Purchase your entry now at the OC Fair online HQ.

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