Squeal: Piglets Debut on the OC Fair's PigCam

The babies are charming viewers around the world, and people visiting the Costa Mesa fair, which opens today.

OC Fair

What to Know

  • OC Fair takes place on select dates from July 15 through Aug. 14
  • PigCam keeps an around-the-clock watch on a pigpen at the fair's Centennial Farm
  • Fair goers can visit Centennial Farm to admire the animals in person during OC Fair

County fairs, especially those that can claim a foothold in three centuries, have become synonymous with going big, thinking large, and delivering on every fanciful front, plus a few different fronts we hadn't even thought about.

Take the OC Fair, that Costa Mesa everything-and-more-tacular that offers visitors surreal supping, squee-inducing animals, a bulb-blinky midway that out-blinks most other midways, competitions rife with talent, and concerts galore.

It's a fair that got started in 1890, and it has continued to follow the underpromise/overdeliver model, or whatever model vows that there will be plenty to enjoy, and then you get there and find it is all ... plentier than you even expected.

Delivering on this give-the-public-all-they-want approach?

The fair's famous PigCam, that loved-at-home, loved-from-anywhere camera that follows adult pigs, and their tiny squealers, as they snooze, snack, and snooze some more at the fair's beloved Centennial Farm.

Just days before the 2022 fair kicked off, piglets were born, adding adorable drama to the around-the-clock feed.

Mama pig delivered the lively litter on Sunday, July 10. Good news: She is doing well and looking "active" following the birth, according to farm staff.

You can now watch these spunky youngsters grow, nurse, cuddle alongside their siblings, and generally summon all the "awwws" by tuning into PigCam whenever you like.

And if you happen to be at the OC Fair, which opens for its month-long merriment on July 15?

You can visit Centennial Farm, where several animals, both big and bitty, are holding cute court.

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