Stack ‘Em Up, LEGO Lovers, at Bricks LA

The LEGO-major fan convention'll build excitement over the first weekend of January, in Pasadena.

What to Know

  • Jan. 6 and 7, 2018
  • Pasadena Convention Center
  • $5; kids ages 5 and under admitted free

So you ran to the tree on Christmas morning only to instantly see The Present, the one sitting under and behind some other gifts, the big wrapped box that was immediately discernible from its outlines.

You knew that box because you'd seen it online, and in the store, a bunch of times, and you'd really wanted it, because it was filled with dozens upon dozens of LEGO bricks.

Then you opened it, and you saw those bricks, and then you squealed/cheered, and then...? You got down to the business of building, or not, if you chose to wait for a little inspiration after your holiday breakfast but before your holiday nap. 

Bricks LA is here to deliver on the inspiration front, and the have-more-fun front, and the let's-get-2018-revved front, for those who want to build more, be more creative, and have some incredible structures to show for it all as the year progresses.

It's all happening over the first weekend of the year at the Pasadena Convention Center. The LEGO-themed fan convention, which very much caters to adults as well as kids, offers three days of "...building, games, and fun," so taking your pick among those is as easy as clicking two bright bricks together.

Specifically, you can look forward to 13,000 feet of convention hall space crammed with vendors, and places to build, and places to watch other people build, and all sorts of spots that should lend LEGOists a host of ideas for their own brimming buckets back home.

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Will the vendors be selling older bricks as well as the new stuff? Count on it.

Is it pricey to get in? Let's call that a "no," as far as conventions go, as it'll just take a fiver for you to saunter in the door (and kids age 5 and under can enter for free).

Best leave your own marvelous creations at home, say the organizers, though why not take a few snaps to show potential new pals? You'll meet people who are 100% into what you're into, if you're super into brickly pursuits of a fantastical, world-building sort.

For hours, tips, and more good-to-knows regarding the Jan. 6 and 7 gathering, click into this site now.

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