Star Power: Here Come the 2014 PaleyFest Panelists

Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, and Kristen Bell will dish at the Dolby.

Buying a ticket for an event that delves into a favorite book, film, or television show can sometimes be a mixed bag. Oh, not always -- you know you'll see clips or hear a reading, but what will transpire during the evening can have a giant, hovering question mark.

That is not the case with PaleyFest. The springtime television spectacular -- a televispectacular, really -- is guaranteed to bring the stars of the shows to the stage in front of you. Oh, some actors might be on location or have a conflict, but trust that the players make an effort for the Paley Center for Media's major annual whoopdidoo.

Those players have been announced for the nearly nightly March 13 through 28 run at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Will Amy Poehler be out chitchatting in her charming way on the "Parks & Recreation" night? We would haven't phrased it so coyly if it wasn't so. Will Mindy Kaling be talking "The Mindy Project"? That's a solid definitely. And will Tom Mison be Ichabod-Crane-ing things up at the "Sleepy Hollow" night? Count on it.

We've said it before: Comic-Con is juuuust about the only place with as much wattage, all at once, in a single place, as PaleyFest, and we don't say so to put them head-to-head. We rather see the events, which are not tied except thematically, as the two titans of television in-person chitchattery. (Yep, TV is but one corner of the Comic-Con universe, we know.)

Have a favorite show on the line-up? "Mad Men" or "Orange Is the New Black" or "Pretty Little Liars"? Here's your ticket information, television fans. Just check out to see who'll be on the stage. We're betting your favorite star, or one of them, will be in the house. (House=the Dolby, natch.)

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