‘Star Wars' Fans Ready for Hollywood ‘Solo' Line

People hanging out in the LiningUp.net queue'll raise funds for the Starlight Children's Foundation.

What to Know

  • Tuesday, May 22 at 6 p.m.
  • TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood
  • Starlight Children's Foundation is the beneficiary

Queues and the "Star Wars" universe?

It's a tricky topic, since so many planets and moonscapes and ship berths are so gloriously empty and dramatically barren, from Hoth to Tatooine.

How can people line up in places with, well, very few people?

But crowds do bunch up, even in the "Star Wars" films. Take the Cantina in Mos Eisley, which famously has a bit of a wait at the bar. Swaggering up to place your drink order, and cutting in front of the other waiting aliens, would have been a major no-no of galactic proportions.

There is, though, another "Star Wars" queue you can hang out in, for a full two days, if you've got your Greedo costume at the ready and your desire to chat with other fans of Lucasian lines.

It's the famous LiningUp.net line that pops up outside of the TCL Chinese Theatre, in Hollywood, whenever a major new flick zooms in from the "Star Wars" universe.

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As "Solo: A Star Wars Story," the latest movie, is doing on in matter of days. And devotees of Chewbacca, Han, and their rollicking adventures will queue up, at the the landmark cinema, from 7 o'clock on Tuesday, May 22 through 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 24, when they enter the theater for the first showing of the movie.

That's sold out, but if you want to swing by and hang out with your fellow Star-Warsies, and don your Bantha outfit, and most importantly, help out the Starlight Children's Foundation, the event's beneficiary, you can and should.

Also, sometimes other non-line fans deliver impromptu treats to those in line, which is as sweet as as Hoth is cold.

And if you can't make to the TCL Chinese Theatre from May 22-24, you can donate to the Starlight Children's Foundation online, all in honor of those who are waiting in the line over two give-back days.

Starlight "... creates moments of joy and comfort for hospitalized kids and their families."

It's a wonderful organization with a wonderful purpose worth our support. Stop by, if you're near Tinseltown, and feel free to don your Chewy-iest costume, or lend some love from a distance to those joining the cosmic queue.

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