Star Wars Land: AT-AT Construction Peek

A new video from Disneyland Resort takes a look into how the mondo First Order icons are coming together.

If you were tasked with building an All Terrain Armored Transport by, say, 5 p.m. tomorrow, the kind of massive machine famously and fearsomely tied to the Galactic Empire, where would you start?

Those towering legs spring to mind first, though one imagines that beginning with the body of the walker, and then eventually getting to the legs, is probably the way to go.

Oh, and there probably isn't anyone, save an absolutely huge team of adroit droids trained for the task, that could construct an AT-AT in a day.

It takes a good long while to properly perfect this kind of tech, as the innovative Imagineers at Disneyland Resort can likely attest. The world's best-known theme park is getting its own Star Wars-themed lands in 2019 — perhaps you've heard — and AT-ATs will be among the striking centerpieces.

Disneyland knows fans are eager to know every tidbit and detail of the on-the-rise world found near the back of the Anaheim destination, and has been consistently sharing peeks of what's happening.

And the latest share, on March 16, involves those mechanized icons that have so much character a devotee of the films can forget they're not organic.

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There's video, first of all, that shows the skeletal forms of the AT-ATs, in real life, with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and blue sky in the background. The video then transforms to computer animation, revealing what the fully rendered forms of the Walkers will soon be.

Oh, 2019. You're so long away. You're like two years away, in fact. Why?

Well, we'll wait, but only because we must.

There are "two incredible new signature attractions" to anticipate, after all. They'll both be inside the 14-acre attraction-cool area, which fans are generally calling Star Wars Land (though note that Disneyland refers to the project as "Star Wars-themed lands"). You'll be able to pilot the Millennium Falcon, and you'll join "...a climactic battle between the First Order and the Resistance."

Where will those AT-ATs show in the expansive world, and how will you outrun them? Best start mulling over your skills, ahead of 2019, because, as mentioned, an AT-AT is an intricate piece of machinery, and not built in a day.

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