Steep Well in LA Tea Fest's Leafy Charms

A line-up of brew-tastic purveyors, as well as blend workshops, will fill many a cup up at Magic Box @ The Reef.

What to Know

  • Aug. 10 and 11
  • $20 two-day general admission
  • 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday

Tea drinkers loyally quaff their go-to libation around the calendar, and around the clock, too.

They don't need to be told that green tea is for morning, and oolong is for midday, and that chamomile is best before bed.

Rather, devoted leaf lovers'll go with whatever blend or brand feels right for the moment, whether that's a tried-and-true classic or something strange and zingy.

Likewise, tea consumption and cooler weather may seem like a perfect pairing, but any hot brew buff'll tell you that August heat makes for some prime sippage.

Heat up, cool down, repeat.

Which makes the timing of the Los Angeles Tea Festival as right as a thin slice of blood orange floating atop a just-made cup of spicy Darjeeling.

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The large-scale celebration of all things tea-y will steep over two informative and delicious days at Magic Box @ The Reef, giving local tea fans the chance to browse tea purveyors or jump into a blending workshop or both.

Those days? Sip it in: Aug. 10 and 11.

Organic Sweet Leaf Co., Bana Tea Company, and Harney & Sons Master Tea Blenders will all be present and ready to talk teas. There are some 33 vendors in all expected to show.

The classes include a focus on the Japanese tea ceremony, a craft tea cocktail workshop, and creating that absolutely perfect cup of chai.

A ticket for both days? A general admission is $20.

Let's raise a happy cup to warm brews as these warm days give way to fall, when apple cinnamon teas, and then the peppermints and winter blends, capture our sipping fancies.

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