Long Beach

Stroll a Car-Free LBC Street at the Corgi Summer Social

Pine Avenue is closed to traffic but open to people eager to walk their woofers (or just enjoy some Saturday sunshine).

So Cal Corgi Nation

What to Know

  • Saturday, June 26 from 3 to 8 p.m.
  • Pine Avenue in Downtown Long Beach
  • Free to stroll; the Corgi-themed Paint Pawty at The Pie Bar is $45

Sweet 'n squatty pups soaking in the sun while romping in the surf?

It's a sight known to dog lovers across Southern California, thanks to the perennial popularity of the So Cal Corgi Beach Day, an event that draws dozens upon dozens of Corgis, their people, and the people who simply love to be around both cute canines and the humans who love them.

That annual gathering, which has an adorably expected knack for drawing plenty of attention on both social media and various new channels, took place in the virtual sphere in in the spring of 2020 and again in the spring of 2021.

But the Corgis, and their devoted backers, are ready to prance among people and other pups again on Saturday, June 26.

Nope, you won't need to make for the ocean to bask in a bundle of furry fortitude; you only need to make for a section of Pine Avenue in Long Beach, which is closed to traffic under the Open Streets Program.

That vehicle-less stretch? It's between 4th and 5th Streets, and on June 26, from 3 to 8 p.m., Corgi lovers are invited to come out and stroll with their besties at their sides at the Corgi Summer Social.

Shops and restaurants are open, adding to the conviviality of summertime's first Saturday.

And at The Pie Bar? There's a Corgi-themed Paint Pawty (yes, you'll be putting Corgis to canvas, but you'll need to register for the $45 event first).

If you're simply popping by Pine with your pooch for a sociable stroll, do keep your lil' guy or gal leashed at all times.

Oh yes, and #HonoraryCorgis are invited, if you live with a Lassie or Laddie who does not happen to rock any Corgi cred in their own furry family trees.

The famous Corgi-riffic beach day will return on Oct. 30, 2021, but, for now, you can call upon Downtown LBC for an outside, in-the-sunshine saunter, one that will have dogs to coo over, places to dine, and a bit of a celebratory, see-and-be-seen mood.

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