Stroll, with Spirit, Through Ghostly OC

Haunted Orange County is helming several atmospheric Ghost Walks, in Santa Ana and beyond, in October.

What to Know

  • Haunted Orange County
  • Ghost walks in Santa Ana, Orange, and San Juan Capistrano
  • $23 per person

Perhaps you've driven by an older building that has clearly seen some decades, and you've pondered its past, and what people lived there long ago, and, just maybe, if it is autumn, and the mood is right, if any former tenants linger on, and on, and on.

... And on.

This is a principal question on the minds of those who seek spirits, on spirited saunters, such as the ones that Haunted Orange County so memorably helms. For while Orange County is truly a place of copious sunbeams, and bright days, it is also home to a number of storied structures with spirited stories to tell.

Many of those fabled properties may be found in some of the county's more historic pockets, such as San Juan Capistrano, and Santa Ana, and Orange, too.

If one or all of those places has made you curious about afterlifers who may have stayed on, even after crossing the veil, best find your way onto a Ghost Walk this October. 

There are several Haunted Orange County adventures to choose from, in all three towns, in the weeks ahead.

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The Orange outing will call upon a former undertaker's parlor, while the San Juan Capistrano saunter haunts the picturesque Los Rios district.

And in Santa Ana? You'll be roaming the Historic District, with eyes, ears, and your imagination well-peeled.

A ticket is $23, but there are ways to book private tours, if you have a whole caboodle of phantom-loving friends.

Haunted Orange County is one of the stalwarts in the ghost-gallivanting business, with plenty of perambulations under its proverbial belt.

Call it a different approach to October-based fun, one that does involve keeping watch for any signs of wraiths, but also fresh air, local history, and a group gadabout.

How intimately are you acquainted with the aura of Orange County's oldest abodes?

Find out by jumping into an atmospheric strut-about now. Dates and places do vary, so check out the calendar before you yourself haunt Orange County's most haunted towns.

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