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‘Stuck at Home Science' Has Free Fun for Kids

The California Science Center is offering a keep-busy projects for at-home youngsters, each day of the week.

California Science Center

What to Know

  • April 6-10 activities will focus on "gross science"
  • 10 a.m. daily on the California Science Center site
  • Look for "easy-to-follow activities" that only require "household supplies"

Curiosity? Joy? Science? Leveling up, learning-wise, to a wiser and more wondrous place?

Discovering doorways to more delightful places, places where our kids can grow their knowledge, is at the forefront of many parents' minds these days.

There are local gems, though, shoring up our searches with free content, complimentary projects, and ideas for all sorts of science-strong activities.

California Science Center has stepped up in this #StayatHome time, with a new Stuck at Home Science series.

The series, which is popping up on the Exposition Park museum's site each weekday, gives students an excellent array of try-it-at-home activities.

On Monday, April 6? The theme is "Ooze-rageous," giving tots a chance to create "Sticky Snot" in their own kitchen. A video and downloadable guide can help this icky-but-awesome process.

Other topics coming up over the week of April 6-10 include, oh yes, "bird droppings" and "noise flatulence."

You've probably already picked up on the general theme of the classes to come: gross science.

And if you've got a grade-schooler, they're probably all about discovering a few science projects that are on the quirkier side.

Even nicer than quirkier? They're all free. No sign-up is required, no portal, nothing but jumping into the let's-learn fun. Here's where you start.

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