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Sugar Rush, the Open-Air Experience, Is ‘Re-Imagined'

The sweets-themed Woodland Hills destination is transforming from a drive-thru into walk-thru "adventure."

Experiential Supply

What to Know

  • April 2-May 2, 2021
  • 6100 Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Woodland Hills
  • Tickets start at $30

Candy boasts a rather amazing and nummy knack for transforming into an entirely different treat altogether, changing in appearance, form, or all of the above.

A solid chocolate bar can be broken into squares, but put it in a warm pan? You'll have a sippable cup of cocoa before long.

Sugar can be spun into cotton candy, peppermint bark can be frozen, then broken, for an ice cream topper, and candy canes? They're popular coffee stirrers.

Even a full-scale, eye-catching, display-filled experience inspired by candy can go through its own transformation, though no freezer or stove is required.

Rather, it just takes a bit of rethinking, and imagination, and some time to finesse your approach.

Look to the Experiential Supply Co., the creative outfit behind the Halloween- and holiday-themed drive-thru experiences that recently popped up in Woodland Hills.

The world-building company's latest venture employed spring and all of its swirly, pastel hues for its newest springboard into the land of candydom, a place called Sugar Rush.

Originally conceived as a drive-thru, Sugar Rush will instead open as a walk-through happening, one that will include bright sights and photo-ready moments made for enjoying for those strolling by.

Capacity will be limited, face coverings will be required, and distancing will be observed between families calling upon the colorful expanse.

The open-air, under-the-sky experience will fill out around 50,000 square feet, giving attendees room to savor the candy-quirky scenarios without crowding.

What can visitors expect?

Prepare to enter "... a fun-filled oasis flooded with colorfully sweet installations, oversized props, art displays, custom parade floats, whimsical sets, countless curated photo ops, performances, immersive tunnels, geodesic domes, and multiple candy-powered interactions."

A ticket for a single attendee starts at $30, while a family of four is $94.

Do read all of the safety protocols and guidelines that your family should keep in mind when strolling through Sugar Rush.

Tickets can be purchased here, and, again, capacity will be limited, so spots may sell out.

"The drive-thrus have been a lot of fun and were necessary last year during the holidays," says Experiential Supply CEO Jasen Smith. "Now we feel it is time to welcome families into our world on foot to take in the rich immersive environments we are building."

"The vast walking path we are creating naturally makes for a safe, distanced, and intimate experience. There are magical things to see and interact with. Plus, everyone's favorite, candy, is included in your ticket price!"

The sweet scene debuts on April 2 and will melt away, like a candy cane in coffee, on May 2.

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