Summer Sweetens as Candytopia Extends Its Run

Haven't had a chance to swing by the sugary Santa Monica spot yet? The popular pop-up is extending its run.

What to Know

  • Tickets on sale on June 15 at 10 a.m.
  • $30 each adults, $23 children 4-12
  • Extended through Sunday, July 22

Some lollipops and chewies and peanut clusters end a bit too fast, and with good reason: They're so yummy that we eagerly gnash our way through them, as quickly as our mouths'll let us.

But other candies? They last a little longer, even as we greedily devour them. They may not stick around forever, but they bring the person with the sweet tooth several minutes of flavorful, fruit-tastic, caramel-deep deliciousness.

It turns out that sometimes pop-up experiences inspired by our love of candy can last a little longer, too.

Take Candytopia, the walk-through, stop-and-pose, snack-and-enjoy experience currently occupying two levels and 16,000 square feet of space at Santa Monica Place at the moment.

The hue-swirly, gummy-glowful destination was originally supposed to wrap up at the end of June, after a start in the late winter, but Candytopia is pushing on, with all of the endurance of a crinkly candy wrapper, right through to July 22.

That's right: You'll now have about three more weeks of whimsical candy-adjacent snapshot moments to enjoy. But you'll only enjoy them if you snap up a ticket to the popular must-do.

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And those go on sale for the extension beginning on Friday, June 15 at 10 in the morning.

After July 22? Like other pop-ups before it, Candytopia will be hitting the road, so if you don't catch it here, you'll need to find it elsewhere.

And, really, would you want to miss the giant pool of not-quite-real marshmallows? A pool you can enter and loll about in, like you yourself are a human-shaped marshmallow? A pool made for the taking of slightly surreal pictures?

It's all happening in sweet-tooth'd Santa Monica, at sugar-tastic Santa Monica Place, through July 22, 2018.

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