Sunflower Fans, a New Place to Pick-Your-Own Is Flowering

Fans of Tanaka Farms, get excited: Hana Field in Costa Mesa is ready to bloom with a sunflowery sneak peek, but you'll need to make a reservation.

Atit Phetmuangtong/EyeEm

What to Know

  • Hana Field by Tanaka Farms in Costa Mesa
  • Reserve a spot to pick sunflowers (you'll need to show with your own "sharp cutter or serrated knife," due to the flowers' thick stems)
  • Mother's Day Saturday sneak peek

A spectacular spread of flowers always makes for an uplifting sight, but certain splashy specimens stand taller than the rest in this regard.

Sometimes literally taller, which is very much the case when it comes to sunflowers.

For while flower fields tend to capture our hearts and fancies, sunflower fields are the sunny spaces you'll often see in calendars, on postcards, and in gift books, too. They're that pretty and that picturesque.

But where to find a large line-up of tall bloomers? And where can you find a place that allows you to pick your own sunflowers?

That would be The Sunflower Fields at Hana Field in Costa Mesa by Tanaka Farms. These bursting, high-to-the-sky beauties are made for both admiring and gathering, but there are a few things to note.

You'll need to make a reservation before visiting, which is important, as is the fact that arriving with your own "sharp cutter or serrated knife" is essential, should you want to bring a few sunflowers home.

The first sneak peek of the season is on Mother's Day Saturday, but there will be more sunflowery days to come as the spring and summer weeks soon to come open their own proverbial petals.

An important "PLEASE NOTE" from the Tanaka Farms team? "The fields can get quite muddy, so closed toe shoes that you don't mind getting dirty are a must. Also, bees love sunflowers, so if you have an allergy, beware that there will be a lot of bees on the premises."

Also, a three-stem bunch is $10, but there are other things to know about pricing, so do review the information on this post now.

But sunflowers aren't the only show at Hana Field. Zinnias, too, add colorful pop to the place, while both bunnies and chickens summon the sweet feels.

Read more about Hana Field now, reservations, pricing, and where to find it (again, this is in Costa Mesa, not right at Tanaka Farms in Irvine, so keep that in mind).

And, of course, beautiful Tanaka Farms in Irvine remains open and ready for all of your strawberry-picking, produce-seeking needs.

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