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Sunflower Picking Is in Full Bloom at Hana Field

Happy summer solstice: The Costa Mesa spot has "a variety of sunflowers," but do reserve before you go.

Emily Ganiko/
  • Hana Field, located in Costa Mesa, is overseen by Tanaka Farms
  • Sunflower picking will be available from June 24 through 26; reservations are a must
  • $10 general admission; sunflower picking is a separate fee

How we gladly greet each season can, well, change with the seasons.

You might raise a cup of hot cider to the first day of fall one year, while the next autumnal equinox might find you baking pumpkin muffins.

Winter? Creating snowflakes out of construction paper is an adorable entry into the season, while spring's start might involve a bout of satisfying cleaning.

And auspiciously opening the door to summer? You might be pondering how to best do so, as June 21 arrives and we gaze to the first weekend of the warmest of the seasons.

Here's one aspiration-sweet, oh-so-bright, add-joy-to-your-home happening: Hana Field is opening for three days of sunflower picking.

The field, which is overseen by Tanaka Farms, has "a variety of sunflowers" currently in bloom. You'll need to make a reservation if you'd like to visit on June 24, 25, or 26, and there are some important things to know.

Firstly? Hana Field is not located in Irvine, the city where Tanaka Farms has been based for several decades, but rather in Costa Mesa, at 427 Anton Boulevard (that's the parking entrance).

Also important? You aren't required to pick sunflowers if you pay the $10 general entry fee.

Plenty of visitors simply want to savor the stunning sunflower-laden location, and linger among the regal blossoms, and maybe take a few memorable snapshots (just in case you still need a few pictures for a belated Father's Day gathering or graduation).

But if you do want to go home with a few stately stems, that is definitely allowed and encouraged, too: You'll pay $15 for the chance to pick your favorites, in addition to the $10 admission.

A bloom-fun bonus? A keepsake souvenir cup is included in the $15 fee.

The days are now as long as they can get and it can feel, quite wonderfully, as though we're standing on the roof of the year.

So finding fabulous flowers that are as grand as our outlook and as sky-high as the sun, at least in spirit?

You can, at Hana Field in Costa Mesa, where different sunflowers are putting on a glowful show, an event that feels perfectly matched with the effervescent entryway into the summer season.

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