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Superheroes Unite for Free Comic Book Day

The giveaway-cool event always does its three-point landing on the first Saturday in May.

What to Know

  • Saturday, May 4
  • Giveaways, signings, costume-wearing opportunities, more
  • Alternate Universe, Things from Another World, and other local shops will participate

Sending out some texts or emails, or possibly paper invitations, all to ask if a band of local superheroes will come together to unite as a team?

You know that these good and true figures will be happy to do so, whatever the issue at hand might be. A star might be on a collision course with our planet, or a giant puffer fish might be attacking the city, or it could be Free Comic Book Day, which happens on the first Saturday in May.

It matters not, for you know that superheroes will definitely make a date to show.

And show they shall, on Saturday, May 4, at participating comic book shops around Southern California, all to enjoy a day of giveaways, freebies, and chances to cape-it-up for a few hours.

That is, of course, if they're the sort of superhero that rocks a cape.

Is that you? Or is your superhero garb in the hamper, following your recent battle with a giant puffer fish?

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It's cool. You don't need to cosplay to join the spirited scenes at Golden Apple, Alternate Universe, Secret Headquarters, and the other local spots on board for Free Comic Book Day.

For sure, you'll score free comic book at Free Comic Book Day, but it'll be a pre-selected book, just so you know. If you have a book in mind that you'd like to have, and it isn't the free comic book, then you'll need to buy it.

Which of course you'll do, because supporting indie comic book stores is pretty dang superheroic.

Suit up, superheroes, and take a look at the 2019 free comic books of Free Comic Book Day now.

There may be no giant puffer fish on the horizon, ready to chomp on our biggest buildings, but there will be a lot of happy fans, some rocking costumes, at our area comic book stores on the first Saturday in May.

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