Support a Local Eatery During ‘The Grateful Table Dine Out'

Order in or dine at your favorite spot during November. You can also donate to Restaurants Care, which helps restaurant workers in myriad ways.

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What to Know

  • The California Restaurant Association Foundation's month-long happening is raising support and awareness for restaurants and restaurant employees
  • People are encouraged to order in, takeout, or dine at a spot they love
  • You're also invited to donate to Restaurants Care, which helps restaurant workers in a variety of ways

November just keeps getting foodier and foodier for all food-obsessed foodies, even before Thanksgiving officially rolls into our world with all of the pluck, panache, and flavor of fall.

Look to the magazine rack, and the numerous covers featuring delectable dishes, and look to various cable series, the sorts of tempting TV shows that regularly delve into the history of various cuisines just as we reach this cuisineful point of the calendar.

But it is a different year for the restaurant industry, due to the pandemic, even as nosh-ready November gets going.

To draw attention to local restaurants just as they need it the most, and to show support to restaurant workers, The California Restaurant Association Foundation has created The Grateful Table Dine Out.

The story behind the savory spotlighting of the places we love?

It's so straightforward. The nonprofit foundation is asking to Californians "... to 'dine out to help out' as much as possible in gratitude to their neighborhood restaurants."

This is includes enjoying food at home, via delivery or by picking it up at a restaurant, if that's your preference.

That's it. There are no forms to fill out, no tickets to buy, nothing beyond purchasing and enjoying vittles from an eatery you cherish or have been eager to try at any point in November.

There is, however, a tender and kind way to reach out a bit further during The Grateful Table Dine Out: By donating directly to Restaurant Cares, "... a nonprofit program which provides restaurant workers facing hardships with relief grants for basic living needs like groceries, utilities, diapers, clothing, gas and rent."

"This November, dining out is our superpower! We have the ability to support our favorite restaurants and chip in to help struggling restaurant workers," said Alycia Harshfield, Executive Director of CRAF.

"Whether it’s takeout, dining in or having your meal delivered, we’re encouraging every Californian to help the restaurant community get back on their feet leading into the holiday season."

"Your support directly impacts our neighborhood restaurants, the employees and their families, and together, we can bring them some much-needed hope and stability."

For more on the first-ever Grateful Table, as well as Restaurant Cares, visit this site now.

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