Surprise: Famous Strawberry Doughnuts Make an Early Return

The Donut Man's beloved seasonal pastries usually pop up in February, but they're making a January entrance this time around.

The Donut Man

What to Know

  • Available at The Donut Man in Glendora and at Grand Central Market in DTLA
  • The company's popular strawberry doughnut, a limited-time treat, usually starts its seasonal run in February
  • $5.95 each at the Glendora shop

The art of recalibration is something we often need to perfect to make our day-to-day worlds run smoother.

One moment we're engaged in a task, but something else suddenly demands our attention.

Take the enjoyment of strawberries. We recalibrate when our strawberry milk isn't strawberry-ish enough, and when our shortcake needs more topping, and when our cereal requires extra slices of the bright fruit.

And when we discovered that The Donut Man, the popular pastry shop that's been baking goodies for over 50 years in Glendora, has announced the early return of an appetizing icon?

You can bet that we are immediately changing course and heading straight over for a celebrated treat.

For the confection-perfecting company just revealed that its famous Strawberry Doughnut is back on the shelves as of Jan. 24.

This is major news for doughnut devotees, the fans who know to expect this sweet superstar around the second or third week of February.

At least that's been the tasty timeline in years gone by, and it is a schedule that plenty of people know, for this fruit-forward favorite is well-known in Southern California as well as among doughnut-centered fandoms everywhere.

But 2023 is offering us a delectably different opportunity, one that involves the enjoyment of this plump, glossy, berry-laden lusciousness well before February arrives.

How long is the doted-upon doughnut's current engagement expected to last?

That's always a solid question, and if we look to the past for an answer, we find that The Donut Man keeps making these strawberry gems through spring and summer, wrapping up in early fall.

There's also a peachy interlude in the summertime when the shop's other celebrity, the Peach Doughnut, pops up alongside the Strawberry Doughnuts (for a far shorter spell, that is).

Want to try one of these bright beauties for the very first time?

Or savor your inaugural Strawberry Doughnut of the 2023 season, something you look forward to each year?

These doughy delights, snacks that shimmer with big strawberry panache, are $5.95 at the Glendora location. (They're also available at The Donut Man's newer shop at Grand Central Market in DTLA.)

Recalibrating? We definitely can, especially when something special we expected in February makes an early and sweet seasonal debut in late January.

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