Sweet Dragons, Sprinkles Has “Game of Thrones” Cupcakes

Nosh as you watch the very final chapter of the genre-changing series.

What to Know

  • Sprinkles Cupcakes
  • Dozen box with four designs/flavors
  • $49-$56, "depending on bakery"

Things that comfort us?

Anyone can name five or six items, right now, from a favorite blanket to a stuffed bunny doll to a particular type of milkshake, the one that has extra marshmallow whip.

And if ever there was a moment for such comfort-delivering totems, it is when a long-running series is ending, a show that is famously intense, definitely big on thrilling-eeky twists, and is bound to keep emotions high right through to the final minute.

Hi there, "Game of Thrones," we're talking about you. Millions of fans'll be tuning in on Sunday evening May 19, to catch the final, final, very final wrap-up, and de-stressing delights will need to be at hand.

That might be a mug of mead for someone, or some sort of savory roast for another (the kind you might find at a GOT feast), but for sweet-seekers of Southern California, it could very well be these themed cupcakes from Sprinkles.

Yes, there are three types, and, indeed, you'll need to buy them by the dozen. A 12-pack runs from $49 to $56, depending upon location.

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The flavors?

The House of Targaryen are red velvet (there are three in the box). The dark chocolate cupcakes rock the Stark tribute (again, there are three). There are Lannister cupcakes that are vanilla, and the GOT logo cupcakes, too (think lemon dragon fruit).

Which cupcake will you devour first? Or last? Will you and a GOT-obsessed friend split the dozen between you?

Decisions. But wait not, for this limited-time offer is only good through May 19. Order online or send your dragon flying for the nearest Sprinkles Cupcakes bakery (and make sure he has some sort of cash or card in his saddle to pay).

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