Sweet: U-Pick Strawberry Tours Begin at Tanaka Farms

The annual springtime pastime will get an early start during the U-Pick Wagon Rides; you'll need to make a reservation in advance.

Tanaka Farms

What to Know

  • Irvine; Reservations are required ($20 per person)
  • There will be berries to pick during the U-Pick Wagon Rides on Jan. 8
  • The produce offerings on the U-Pick Wagon Tours can and does change, so consult the Tanaka Farms site before you go

The baked goods that festoon the start of a young year can run the gateau-glorious gamut, with Three Kings Cakes, and all of their jewel-like candied fruits and nuts, and glitter-glam goodies, the sort of sparkly sweets we eat on New Year's Eve, catching both our eye and appetite.

And, of course, all of the yummy mid-winter offerings, from SnoBall-inspired snacks to richer fare, like Red Velvet.

But for fruit fans, it will always be about a confection that captures our fancy as winter winds down and bright red berries appear on the shelves of the store's produce aisle.

It's the shortcake we speak of, and true Southern California shortcakeans, either those who love to make it or those who love to eat it, keep a watch on regional growers, to see when the good stuff will start sprouting.

Well, here's a springful sign: Tanaka Farms will have strawberry picking on its U-Pick Wagon Rides on Saturday, Jan. 8.

Spaces? They're limited (which is no surprise). Reservations? They're required. Tickets? They're $20 each, and tours leave at specific times (you can find all the information here).

But wait: There is always something delicious happening with the destination's U-Pick Wagon Rides, and though the produce offerings may change, the quality remains.

In addition to strawberries on Jan. 8? You can also gather radishes, for those zingy year-starting salads and healthy dips.

Remember, do make your reservation before heading for Irvine, and check back on the Tanaka Farms site, to see the other outdoor activities, U-Pick Tours, and seasonal happenings that are coming up as the weather grows brighter.

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