T. Rex on Tour: Walking with Dinosaurs

Ancient beasties + arena-style entertainment = roaring good times.

Making unyielding judgments about wide swaths of strangers is rarely wise, but we'll go on record to say this: Pretty much ever human, ever, should they find themselves standing before a moving, roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex, would likely A) run or B) take cover or C) rub their eyes very hard and attempt to wake up.

A generalization? Nope. 100 percent accurate.

There is an exception: "Walking With Dinosaurs -- The Arena Spectacular," the live stage show inspired by the popular BBC series. People neither run, nor take cover: They applaud.

Okay, yes, true, absolutely, "live" does not mean T. Rex has sprung back to life in some lab -- um, eek? -- but it does mean gifted puppeteers ensconced inside astoundingly lifelike prehistoric creatures are making them seem very dinosaur-y, indeed.

Dinosaur-y=roaring, sniffing, snarling, pawing, tussling, running, hunting, and so forth.

The big-teethed extravaganza will prehistoric up both the Honda Center in Anaheim (starting on Sept. 3) and Staples Center (beginning Sept. 11). So what's too ooh-and-aah over this year? "The updated production will showcase changes to the dinosaurs based on the latest scientific research including the likely feathering of some species."

Feathering? We're engrossed.

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The show also depicts "how dinosaurs evolved to walk on two legs" and "herbivores fended off their more agile predators."

Plateosaurus, Stegosaurus, Utahraptor, and, yep, T. Rex are just some of the dinos ready to cameo. The biggest? Why that's Brachiosaurus, who soars to 36. Or should we say "sauropods" to 36 feet?

Jurassic humor.

It's educational, it's informative, it is facty-fun, and it allows dinosaurs to walk off the pages of books and the TV and movie screens into our lives, or nearly.

You'll probably hear the word "cool" a whole bunch for the dino-obsessed members of your party, so take note: "Walking With Dinosaurs" can and does tip the cool meter.

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