Tail O' the Pup: Iconic Eatery Returns

A La Cienega-based truck is the first of several Tails on the way.

Los Angeles, it may be said with total confidence, is a city boasting a million tales, but only one Tail, with a capital T, as in Tail O' the Pup.

Roadside, quick-eats stands do not come more iconic than the frankfurter-shaped eatery that long held savory sway in and around La Cienega and San Vicente Boulevards (with a few location jumps, here and there, over the decades).

It opened in 1946, serving the foodstuffs its mimetic architecture famously mimicked, and it shuttered over a decade back, in 2005. (Let us pause here to salute the Pup's cameos in films like "LA Story" and "Body Double," and its architect, Milton Black, a visionary who designed a number of local apartment buildings bearing the eatery's curve-cool style.)

The Tail didn't end in 2005, however, for the landmark's owners long wanted to make a return, somehow, even as the physical structure went into storage. "It's been our dream to see our beloved Tail O' the Pup revived and ready to serve our amazing food" says Jay Miller, the grandson of Eddie Blake, a longtime owner of the Pup.

Dreams can come true, for it turns out that Los Angeles does have a Tail or two to tell about successful combacks: The beloved hot dog stand will pop-up, in September, on none other than La Cienega Boulevard, steps away from its very first 1946 location.

The food truck, which will not be shaped like a frankfurter but will bear some retro hues and flavorful fan favorites, will debut outside Opening Ceremony on 451 N. La Cienega Boulevard.

Look for a "modernized take on the 21st century hot dog stand" near the clothing-plus shop. The opening date? Thursday, Sept. 8 (just arrive after 3).

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Indeed, that's just across the street and down a bit from NORMS La Cienega, which was designated as a Historic-Cultural Landmark in 2015. Don't you have the feeling these two spots will be fast friends, at least in vintage spirit?

Thematic neighbors, indeed.

As for the famous frankfurtery's future? Another Tail O' the Pup is headed for THE BLOC in downtown LA in 2017, with "several planned locations" still to come beyond Pup numero two.

Are you still getting the mustard stain out of that shirt you wore on a date to the sizzling stand back in 1977? Best dig it out and don it, for a longtimer is back serving up hot dogs, with relish (and actual relish, too, if that's your jam).

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