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Tail O' the Pup's Reopening News Is Frankly Exciting

The sizzly little stand's comeback was years in the making; the franks will soon be on the grill in West Hollywood.

1933 Group

What to Know

  • Wednesday, July 20 (National Hot Dog Day)
  • 8512 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood
  • The hot dog-shaped stand first debuted on La Cienega Boulevard in 1946; in storage for several years, the stand was recently refurbished

Whining over when wieners will appear, the sort of condiment-topped franks that spend a good amount of time soaking up a grill's heat and plenty of smoky flavor?

Whine over wieners, we will most definitely not do, especially when we know that a beloved bastion of bun-a-tude, a place we mustard, er, must give props to, will soon reemerge on the Southern California food stand scene.

It's Tail o' the Pup, arguably one of our region's best-known spots for a fast frank, a stand that began in 1946 and charmed generations, and more than a few movie stars and rock legends, along its whimsical way.

The Pup, which was designed by that doyen of Streamline Moderne architecture, Milton Black, was long a munchy mainstay of La Cienega Boulevard, and after a couple of moves, it shuttered years ago, making one final move: into storage.

1933 Group

But wait one moment: Permanent storage wasn't the stand's last stand, for the 1933 Group, known for creating charismatic taverns like Bigfoot Lodge, took the reins of the hot-doggery and began returning it to its former relish-topped regalness.

After an extensive refurbishment, this paragon of programmatic architecture will reopen on Wednesday, July 20, which is, you guessed it, National Hot Dog Day.

The stand revealed the date on its social pages on Wednesday, July 6. Kraut Pups, Jalapeño Pups, and Baseball Pups are just some of the chow-down choices on the line-up, but more will be revealed soon.

Ketching up with the Pup, its menu, and everything you need to know about visiting this small stalwart of bun-based bliss?

You'll want to keep an eye on this site in the days ahead, if you'd like to make a meet-up date with your frank-est friends.

Frankly, we think such a delicious date is a doggone good idea.

Welcome back to the one and only Tail o' the Pup, a true Los Angeles classic.

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