Take ‘A Historic Journey' at a New Disneyland Auction

Original art, an animator's desk, and more gems go on the block at Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks.

Van Eaton Galleries

Casting a magical spell?

An enchanting and ensorcelled event doesn't just come about out of thin air, though our favorite tales might tell us otherwise.

For true magic, at least in the real-world sphere we occupy, is made from particular materials, with skills and tools aiding the magic-making process.

And when put together, in just the right way, something like Disneyland park can result, and Walt Disney Studios, too.

The Disney-centered auctions of Van Eaton Galleries often feature the rare tools, materials, and fabled pieces that went into making the magic at the world-famous theme parks. And several of those pieces are going to the block on Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15 as part of an auction called "A Historic Journey Through the Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland."

A Disneyland "Welcome" sign is one major item in the remarkable collection, and an original animator's desk from Walt Disney Studios, too.

Eager to watch and bid online? That can happen, or if you simply want to check out collection highlights, you can stop by the Sherman Oaks gallery through May 11, 2022 or scroll on to see a couple of sure-to-go-fast selections.

Van Eaton Galleries
Castle collectors, take note: An original Herb Ryman Sleeping Beauty Castle concept drawing (c. 1954) is one of the stars of the auction.
Van Eaton Galleries
An entrance sign to Disneyland has plenty of charm to spare.
Van Eaton Galleries
The legendary Mary Blair's singular style can be seen in this "Alice in Wonderland" concept drawing.
Van Eaton Galleries
An original animator's Kem Weber desk from the 1930s; estimates for this piece range from $6000 to $8000.
Van Eaton Galleries
An original and "exceptionally rare" Mickey Mouse comic strip by Floyd Gottfredson dates to 1932.
Van Eaton Galleries
Mary Blair's whimsical work is synonymous with "it's a small world," and this fanciful concept painting by the artist reveals her signature style. "A Historic Journey Through the Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland" will take place at Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks on May 14 and 15; online bidding and a live stream are part of the event.
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