Take a Peep at Randy's Easter Doughnuts

The sweet 'n soft icons of the spring candy aisle will top springtime treats at your local Randy's Donuts.

Randy's Donuts

What to Know

  • Randy's Donuts (locations include Pasadena, Costa Mesa, and the newest Randy's in Santa Ana)
  • Easter doughnuts, which include bunny Peeps, green sprinkles, and M&Ms, will be available April 11 through 17, 2022
  • $3.35 each; online ordering is available

The enduring passion for Peeps goes far beyond the candy aisle, as any maven of the marshmallow treats can attest.

There's no argument that the toothsome bunnies and chicks, seen in all sorts of pastel hues, are sweet spring staples, seasonal must-gets for lovers of chewy and charming confections.

But Peeps have hoppity-hopped beyond their now-iconic packaging, transforming into comment-worthy earrings, appearing on cute clothes, serving as cocktail garnishes, and, sometimes, adding adorable oomph to desserts.

Including those desserts that already boast something of a nest-like shape, which practically everyone knows is an ideal spot to pop in a Peep.

Doughnuts sport a general nest-y roundness, and the hole in the pastry's middle? It seems as though it was created to serve one purpose: The perfect Peep placement.

And at Randy's Donuts?

Peeps will be the stars of the company's Easter sweets, bringing a purple-perfect, pink-y joy to the treats, which also may boast other add-ons like M&Ms and green sprinkles (that, yes, look a bit like the classic "grass" found in Easter baskets).

Each doughnut is $3.35, online ordering is available, and they'll be ready for purchase and pick-up all Easter Week long, starting on April 11 and concluding on Easter Sunday, which is April 17 in 2022.

Where will you display these be-Peep'd pastries, before eating one or two?

In a colorful basket, stacked high on the dining room table, or on your kid's nightstand, so the celebratory snack is right there when your youngster wakes up on Easter morning?

Swing by your local Randy's, starting on April 11, to pick your Peep-tastic doughnuts up.

Oh, and best peep this, Randy's fans: The newest location just opened in Santa Ana earlier in March, joining doughnut-centered destinations in Pasadena, Costa Mesa, and the Randy's original in Inglewood, as well as other Southern California spots.

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