Take a Spooky Studio Tour (by Night)

Eye a Gremlin or two, "The Exorcist" door, and more at Warner Bros. Studio.

Peek in a bag belonging to a guest on a studio tour — with their permission, of course — and you're apt to find a few standard items.

Sunglasses, yes, because roaming a movie lot on a bright day requires cool shades. A bottle of water, absolutely. And some sunblock of some sort (see the aforementioned "bright day" for further proof).

But peek in that same bag as the guest joins a far rarer night tour, and you just might find some sort of lucky amulet, the kind that wards of those bump-in-the-night ghosties that seem to roam studios, both on the screen and off.

Best tuck your favorite charm in your pocket and make for Warner Bros. Studio on Friday, Oct. 29 or Saturday, Oct. 30 for the first-ever "Horror Made Here: A Halloween Screening and Twilight Tour" event. Like the popular daytime Studio Tour, the "Horror Made Here" outing will take visitors on a tram-cool tour of soundstages, the lot's mill, and the prop house, but with a singular focus: The film phantoms born at the Burbank-based studio, via screenplays, as well as those on-the-lot lurkees who are rumored to haunt the celebrated stages after sundown.

In addition to the by-moonlight drive-around, guests will also call upon Stage 48, the costume-and-prop-packed "experience" open to daytime guests. A number of eerie props from Warner Bros. fright films are on special display, including a couple of Gremlins, a cracked door from "The Exorcist," and the Annabelle doll from "The Conjuring" films.

Finally? Guests will make for the Stephen J. Ross Theater to watch "The Conjuring" (on Oct. 28) or "The Conjuring 2" (on Oct. 29). As this cinema is closed to the public, and even daytime studio tour guests, consider this to be yet another unusual treat in the candy bucket that is the "Horror Made Here" night.

Speaking of actual candy, there shall be "movie treats" to help visitors stay fortified as they face these film-famous frights.

And one more unusual slice of studio history: Word has it that a stroll around the studio's lovely rose garden, another ghost-attracting area of the historic lot, is on the itinerary.

Eek? Eek. Roses aren't typically scary, but exceptions must be made.

You won't need your sunblock, or your shades, but arriving with a curiosity about movie history, with a side of the macabre, is the order of the eerie night. Oh yeah, and a lucky amulet in your pocket or bag is always a solid idea in this spookiest stretch of the year.

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