Take a Virtual Field Trip to the California Science Center

Kids, from kindergarten up through the 5th grade, are invited to check out the new online experiences from the Exposition Park hub of learning fun.

California Science Center

What to Know

  • Free
  • Kindergarten through 5th grade
  • The Exposition Park museum is temporarily closed to in-person visits

Dashing through the front doors of the California Science Center, just as a field trip is beginning?

A child can have a real "where to look first" kind of feeling.

For the capacious entry space of the Exposition Park museum brims with oodles of curiosity and promise, from the high wire bicycle high above visitors' heads to the colorful gift shop to all of the wings leading to learning-rich experiences.

Call is a brief discombobulation of delight, that sense of being beautifully overwhelmed.

With in-person field trips on hold due to the pandemic, Southern California's schoolkids aren't having this particular experience at the moment, of not knowing where to look first, and sensing the excitement in the air, at one of our great science museums.

But that great science museum wants to help kids not miss out on the classic field trip experience while they are learning from home.

To help make that connection, a brand new series of Virtual Field Trips just announced, all to help teachers and parents help the young people in their life savor science wonders.

"Enjoy access to the California Science Center's unique exhibits and hands-on science activities, and interact with our skilled team of diverse and passionate educators from the comfort of your classroom or learning environment," is the cool call to action.

The programs have been created for kids in kindergarten, all the way up to the 5th grade.

Discovering more about our regional mountain lions is part of the program for 3rd graders, while 4th graders will get a look at the ever-nifty nervous system.

And something as magical as the feeling of striding into the center for a fun field trip?

These at-home field trips are free.

The videos run around 15 to 20 minutes, and there's an activity guide, which may be employed either synchronously or asynchronously.

Earth Sciences and Physical Sciences will be in the spotlight, as well as journeys into the realm of space.

You can sign up now to learn more about the museum's Virtual Field Trips, all while staying virtually close to a place that has provided so many science-loving SoCal kids so many learning opportunities over the years.

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