Take Flight for Kidspace’s Costume-Cute Fest

Astronauts, superheroes, and other revelers will gather for the Pasadena-based family bash.

Kidspace Children's Museum

What to Know

  • October 12 and 13, 2019
  • 5:30 to 9 p.m.
  • $14 per person, infants free

So you regularly visit a popular place that your lil' pumpkin absolutely loves, but you're only ever there when the sun is high, and the weather is warm, and it isn't even close to dinnertime?

That's okay, for lots of locations around town cater to families specifically during the daytime hours.

But sometimes, on special evenings, those places will stay open beyond closing time, all to delight tots with a host of hauntingly happy happenings.

Not too haunting, of course. For Kidspace Children's Museum is all about big ideas, and education, and science fun, too. And when its annual Spooktacular stomps back into the Pasadena-based institution, the brain-amazing activities that pop up do so into the early evening, and well after sundown, too.

That makes a visit to the outdoor Arroyo Adventure especially atmospheric for the youngsters, as well as the chance to craft a gloppy gloop of slime (or, yep, "ectoplasm" in this case).

And aspiring mad scientists will be invited to try their hands at making "franken-art," which, really, you don't have to be mad, nor a scientist, to dig.

Kids are invited to show at the Spooktacular in costume, and there is a parade that's all about showing off your supercool get-up.

Will there be dancing, too? That's part of the festive scene, so the chances are good.

A ticket is $14 for all attendees except for infants (no admission is required for bambinos).

Seeking out a Halloween-type event with some science-strong vibes? This is it, and you have two nights to choose from. Better alight on tickets, though, faster than an astronaut sets her pod down on a distant planet, for they do fly fast.

Good to know before you go? Tickets are timed. 

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