Take Part, From Home, in a Free Oshogatsu Family Fest

The annual Japanese American National Museum event will happen over several days, with a frog origami activity and more merry projects to join.


What to Know

  • Jan. 3-8, 2021
  • Year of the Ox Scavenger Hunt, a photo project, frog origami, food, stories
  • The virtual activities are free to join

Turning in the direction of the new year with optimism, joy, and a certainty that sweeter days are to come is a deep-of-heart practice that can be done at any time on our own, of course.

But finding a fun, family-focused festival that folds in the promise of the new year, and several do-it-home projects, too, feels like a fast and fantastic way to experience optimism in a shared setting.

Happy news: That can be done from the place you now sit over six sweet January days.

For the Japanese American National Museum's annual Oshogatsu Family Festival is happening in a virtual way in 2021.

The theme?

Why, the Year of the Ox is on its way, so count on seeing a bounty of bovine beauty during the from-afar bash.

An example?

There's a Year of the Ox Scavenger Hunt, and "ox-themed prizes" are part of the merriment.

Something to know? You'll need to send your photo of your completed hunt once you are done. You'll also be entered to win future museum passes, so that's sweet.

The museum, do note, remains temporarily closed, but how lovely to know you've won passes for a down-the-road visit.

Call it something amazing to anticipate, in a year when hope-filled anticipation will be high.

As for other happenings during the virtual festival?

A frog origami project is on the roster, as is a "Community Photo Activity," which involves the sharing of loved dishes, cherished New Year's activities, and more.

And speaking of dishes? Little Tokyo chefs will make cuisine-cool cameos during the celebration, on the final day of the festival's run.

More info on the afternoon on-screen meet-up? Find it right here.

There's a lot to look forward to during the annual festival, in short, which warmly reflects the larger spirit of looking forward to 2021.

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