Takeout Shout Out Returns With More Tasty Giveaways

McCain Foods has partnered with the restaurant-supporting campaign; post a pic of a fave eatery, tag it, and maybe nab a big gift card.

Oscar Wong

What to Know

  • Through Aug. 1
  • The Great American Takeout and McCain Foods are partners on the giveaway; one winner will win a $1,000 gift card each day
  • No Kid Hungry is the beneficiary

Showering your favorite restaurant in praise, the way you pour ketchup on fries, chocolate sauce on ice cream, and cream in coffee?

It's easy to ladle the love upon a local gem when you've found a dish or two or six you're sweet on, when you've gotten to know the owner like you know a friend, or you can count on the cuisine-cool spot to deliver on quality, time and again.

But how can you go further in the ladling-love department during the pandemic response? When indoor dining is temporarily closed and restaurants and their staffs could greatly benefit from us showing our continued support?

You can shout-it-out, on social media, and shower your local spot with praise.

That's what the Takeout Shout Out is all about, and The Great American Takeout, an ongoing campaign to help our restaurants, is back to give away $1,000 restaurant gift cards.

McCain Foods is The Great American Takeout's partner on round two of the gift-carding event, which is on through Aug. 1, 2020.

There are a few steps to know, but the basic info goes like this: Order takeout from place you dig, post your dinner or lunch on Twitter or Instagram, add the tags and tag (or name) the eatery where you got the great grub, and see if you're the day's winner.

And that gift card, if you win it? It'll be good at the restaurant you ordered from, meaning the venue benefits, too. Sweet.

Also sweet? McCain Foods is donating to No Kid Hungry during this event, up to $5,000, depending how often the hashtag #TakeOutShoutOutSweepstakes pops up. Details are here.

Thinking of ordering in on this hot weekend? Here's something as hot: Helping a local spot, both by taking out and talking about them on Instagram or Twitter.

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