‘Tale of the Lion King' to Make Its Joyful Disneyland Debut

The Fantasyland Theatre is the new home for the dazzling show, which first opened at Disney California Adventure.

The elaborately realized stage spectaculars of Disney California Adventure have won fans' hearts over the years, with guests often recalling the first time they saw a particular show, talking about their favorite parts of the performances, and vowing to see the production again and again.

"Tale of the Lion King" found many such devotees when it opened at the Anaheim theme park in 2019, where it appeared on a smaller alfresco stage.

Now the story-filled presentation is moving to Disneyland park's grand Fantasyland Theatre, beginning on Saturday, May 28.

If you enjoyed this uplifting, voice-vivacious, Simba-sweet experience at Disney California Adventure, you'll find that the latest production includes "... all-new choreography, set pieces and costume designs, along with original musical arrangements."

Call it a trip back to a timeless tale, but with some fresh elements, too. And from May 28 through July 4, 2022?

Here's something new and oh-so-sweet: You can arrive early and enjoy the chance to make crafts before each performance.

And adding to the show's celebratory spirit?

Several food and drink items inspired by "Tale of the Lion King" are also debuting, including a Pride Rock Punch at Troubadour Tavern hosted by Dreyer's.

Performances are included with your Disneyland park ticket, and a reservation is required, too. Do keep in mind that the show is running Thursdays through Mondays, and checking the various times before you go can be done through the Disneyland site or app.

"In transposing the 2019 production of 'Tale of the Lion King' from a small outdoor stage at Disney California Adventure to the magnificent Fantasyland Theatre in Disneyland park, we incorporated a new medium," said Susan Tubert, creative director of Live Entertainment at Disneyland Resort.

"Uniquely created artistic projections bring to life the individual settings of the story throughout the performance. And in doing so, we visually depict the tale shared by the Storytellers of the Pride Lands."

"Our show will move audiences as they step into a world of vibrant sights and sounds that is both culturally authentic and uniquely Disney!"

For times, dates, details, and all of the joy of "Tale of the Lion King," visit the Disneyland park site now.

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