Tanaka Farms Will Hold a Drive-Thru Pumpkin Patch

It's definitely a 2020-style twist for the Irvine destination's popular fall event.


What to Know

  • Irvine
  • Dates and prices to come, so stay tuned
  • Pumpkin patch visitors will receive a pumpkin, in-car photo opps and more

Even in times of extreme change, or perhaps because of times of extreme change, we like our traditions to stay, well, traditional.

For finding comfort in some of the joyful things we've always done can serve as a steadying anchor, even as we confront new and strange developments.

And a steady source of seasonal joy for many Southern Californians?

It's the autumn-fun pumpkin patch, the sort of orange-amazing spread that pops up at some of our region's more established farms (as well as street corners throughout the city).

Tanaka Farms is one of the lush landmarks we've long turned to for pumpkin-based high jinks in the fall, and many fans have wondered if the 2020 pumpkin patch will be a go.

It will be, oh yes, but it'll have a fresh spin, quite literally: The Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch will become a drive-thru this year.

Details are developing, but the team behind Tanaka Farms gave a sweet sneak peek.

Visitors should expect " ...a leisurely 1.5 mile drive around the farm, (which) will include a pumpkin, samples of farm fresh produce, activities for the kids, in-car photo opportunities, a barnyard educational exhibit with farm animals (pigs, donkeys, chickens, bunnies...), fun stuff to look at, a scarecrow contest, sunflowers, and more!"

And if you're seeking more pumpkin-scented sweetness, the Drive-Thru Market Stand on the property will also feature fall goodies for purchase, from autumn decorations to pumpkin-carving accessories.

Stay tuned for dates, prices, and more, but keep the notion that one of fall's merriest traditions is staying put, with a car-themed twist, at Tanaka Farms in 2020.

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