Buena Park

Tart Planning Your Boysenberry Fest Eats

Er, we mean "start planning," of course, for the tart-terrific Buena Park event is less than a month away.

Knott's Berry Farm

What to Know

  • Knott's Berry Farm
  • With paid admission; food and drink priced separately
  • March 20 through April 19, 2020

Maybe you've spent the last ten months or so, which is about the length of time since the Knott's Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival ended, devouring boysenberries on a daily basis.

Perhaps you topped your flapjacks with boysenberry syrup, and your garden burger with boysenberry jam, and you created your own homemade boysenberry hot fudge, the kind of topping that makes a sundae super.


Maybe you haven't popped a boysenberry in your mouth since the spring of 2019, knowing that Knott's is the nicest place to indulge in this particular realm of fruit-forward fun.

Get ready to re-boysenberry your life, for in just a few weeks the big-big-big Boysenberry Festival returns to the Ghost-Town-iest theme park in the West.

What's on the lap-it-up list for 2020? So many boysenberried treats from both the savory and confection columns.

The Boysenberry Cake Shake at Coasters Diner will draw those dessertphiles who need a little batter-baked substance with their creamy sips, while Boysenberry Cucumber Lemonade, found at the Icee Mix-It-Up, is comprised of a cooling trio, a beverage that employs three produce aisle superstars.

And speaking of lemons? The Chow House will serve Boysenberry Lemon Churro Bites, which may be the tartest treat around, with the doughiest finish.

The Cantina has the Boysenberry Tortilla Quesadilla, while a Boysenberry Philly Cheesesteak will surely be a gotta-try-that star at the Ghost Town Grill.

For the full list, and it does deserve to be called "full," given the number of gooey, chewy, and sippable goodies it boasts, visit the Boysenberry Festival site now. Oh yes, and there's a Boysenberry Festival Craft Beer Tasting, too, a happening that will feature hopsy favorites that are full of fruit flavor.

And did you rave about the Boysenberry Festival Tasting Card last year, which gives guests who purchase it the opportunity to eat a wide and sweet swath of boysenberry bites?

We're Knott's even kidding: That's also coming back, oh boy(senberry).

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