Taste of Farmers Market: Try a Bite at Every Booth

One night, dozens of bites: It's Taste of Farmers Market.

There's a lot of food lore surrounding exotic fruits and particular restaurants and chefs, but the funniest bit of foodie belief, in our edible-loving eyes, are the must-dos of brunch.

Don't eat the bread first, common wisdom goes, because you'll fill up. Go back for more shrimp and crab, if that's your thing. And always pick the strawberries with the greenest caps.

We want someone to develop a system like this, for us, for the Taste of Farmers Market. Oh, we won't be selfish with our system. We'll share, gladly. Because we see that this yummy annual event is just ahead -- Tuesday, July 16 -- and that tickets are on sale at the Market -- yep, yep -- and we need preparation and planning.

Why? Because every eatery in the landmark LA public market has a little tidbit on offer during the Market's annual birthday party. This translates to 50+ restaurants and grocers. Thus, a system is required. Do we start with the fruity, salad-type stuff first, then make our way over to Huntington Meats for something slider-like? Or should we go with seafood, then crepes, then whatever Loteria is cooking up? (Fingers crossed for mole-drenched chilaquiles, but whatever it is, it will be piquant, plate-based perfection.)

So, you see our quandary. If only someone could make a "Family Circus"-style map. Remember when Billy would run all over the neighborhood, and dotted lines would follow? We need dotted lines to make sureto  maximize the many savory and sweet choices of this sunny-evening soiree.

An ahead-of-time ticket is $35, and it's $40 at the door.

And, on a side note: 75th anniversaries must be magical. Not only did Taste of Farmers Market start up from the Market's 75th back in 2009, but its not-so-far-off neighbor Lawry's The Prime Rib is marking its 75th this month with a bevy of specials.

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But the Third & Fairfax favorite will be 80 next year, which gives it loads of time to draw up that dotted line map we so desire. Start with The Gumbo Pot, then walk to The Banana Leaf, then visit Monsieur Marcel's? Or the other way around? Choices, you deeply delight in this instance.

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